Who We Are

Open Source Health has developed a cloud-based precision medicine platform called myAva, which is licensed to clinics and providers to enable the delivery of precision medicine.   By collecting and analyzing molecular-level data we will create a digital version of each patient, uncovering disease markers at an early stage allowing women and their providers to take a proactive approach to achieve optimal health. myAva sets the new standard of care for women’s health 404 File Not Found

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Corporate Fact Sheet

Office:  Toronto, Ontario
CSE Ticker Symbol: OSH, Frankfurt Exchange  – 0OS
Board Members: Gary Bartholomew, Sonya Satveit, Jim Fairbairn, David Franklin, Carole Staveley, Chris Irwin
Management: Sonya Satveit (CEO), Fred Trotter (COO), Arvin Ramos (CFO)
Auditors: MNP, Toronto
Legal Counsel: Irwin Lowy LLP, Toronto

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