Precision Medicine = a Paradigm Shift in Healthcare

For the first time in history, the one-size-fits-all approach to healthcare is giving way to individualized care that takes the unique needs of each woman into account.   In order to meet the demands of precision medicine a completely new digital delivery system is required. Our myAva platform is taking the lead as the first women-centric digital healthcare platform to deliver precision medicine.
We have brought patients to the forefront of innovation to trail blaze a new path to optimal health.  Our Patient Advisory Board, made up of 10 women, are true pioneers involved in the design of every aspect of our myAva Precision Medicine Platform.  With the help of this advisory team, we are re-imagining the way healthcare will be delivered to women.  Patients are critical stakeholders that have traditionally been left out of healthcare decisions, by truly empowering them in healthcare with precision medicine means patients no longer have to wait for 17 years from research publication to clinical adoption. 

What does our Vision for Precision Medicine Look Like?

  • Step 1:  Load Your Personal Health Records & History
  • Step 2:  Sequence Your Genome (DNA)
  • Step 3:  Measure Your  Blood RNA – Transcriptome
  • Step 4:  Measure ~300 Proteins – Proteome
  • Step 5:  Measure ~300 Metabolites – Metabolome
  • Step 6:  Analyze Gut & Vaginal Microbiome
  • Step 7:  Combine Biometric Data
  • Step 8:  Gather Patient-Reported Data (such as Quality of Life Questionnaires, etc)
  • Step 9:  Combine all personal data to create the first ever digital version of You!
  • Step 10: Apply the latest research and science & allow you & and your providers the ability to interact with your data.
  • Step 11:  Meet with Healthcare Provider – who will now have a comprehensive molecular analysis and access to the latest research at her fingertips to inform your care & help you take a proactive, rather than reactive, approach to help you achieve optimal health!
  • Step 12: In 90 days, do it all over again starting at Step 3….

Precision Medicine is the future of healthcare.  The future has arrived. 

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