Open Source Health’s Vision for the Future of Healthcare

Open Source Health imagines women’s health care differently.

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We imagine a world where women are in total control of their healthcare. In this new integrative model, women come to an online platform and they consult with the doctors and complementary health specialists of their choice. They have quick access to the information they need to map their health and wellness plan, and if they want to browse, learn and have their questions answered, they can do it all in one place.  They are sent personalized news that is curated for them, based on their profile, their test results, and it’s even delivered in a way that makes sense based on their level of medical expertise. They easily find up-to-date research that applies to their particular symptoms, and they have access to the best care available from the comfort of their homes.

These proactive patients skip the long wait at the doctor’s office while they purchase in-home test kits, upload their results and receive expert advice on next steps. Some will choose to go through a health program, and they will learn how to achieve the best possible results within their brick-and-mortar healthcare system. Women can choose to share their records and files with their family doctors, or their naturopaths; and they can interact with a support network of women who understand exactly what they have been going through. Each patient can interact with the Open Source platform in a way that makes the most sense to her needs – the choice is hers-  and she is given the tools that she needs no matter what path she decides to take.

We are building this platform, because we believe that a women’s specific healthcare platform is long overdue. We know that your symptoms matter, and we want to put you in touch with the doctors and experts that agree with you.

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