Sonya Satveit is the CEO And Founder of Open Source Health, the first Precision Medicine Platform for Women’s Health. Sonya is passionate about putting Women’s Health at the forefront of the transformation of healthcare that is taking place.   

The Creator of Hormone Soup

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All her life, Sonya’s intuition told her that her hormones were playing havoc with her health but try as she might, she could only get bandaid solutions.  After fertility issues led to two miscarriages, Sonya learned that the protocol was to wait to see if she miscarried a third time before investigating the cause. This was not an acceptable option for her and that’s when Sonya started looking elsewhere for answers.  Sonya met a woman named Ava, who taught her how to advocate for herself in her healthcare.  By doing her own research, Sonya discovered that the healthcare system had failed her and her unborn babies.  The good news is that when Sonya took a proactive approach she found her way to optimal health and is now the mother of three healthy children.

Over the years, Sonya would meet woman after woman and hear their stories and she eventually began a blog called Hormone Soup to create conversation around women’s hormone, reproductive and sexual health.

“I started writing my blog to share my story of infertility, miscarriage, postpartum mood disorder, severe PMS and hypothyroidism,” Sonya says. “Hearing stories from women in over 100 countries around the world validated for me that the state of women’s healthcare is in dire need of help and in fact, the current medical system is failing women by the millions.”

During her many years of research, she gained leading-edge knowledge and  developed a global network of health care professionals, passionate patient advocates, scientists, and researchers.  Unwilling to wait for someone to “fix” the problems with women’s health, Sonya founded Open Source Health, which is a product of her unique experience, involvement and keen interest in women’s health, participatory medicine, open source technology, digital health, social health, precision medicine, and integrative medicine.  Sonya’s vision for the future of women’s health comes to life with the myAva platform – named in tribute to her dear, late friend Ava who continued to help women advocate for themselves throughout her life.