Open Source Health Releases it’s Telemedicine and Collaborative Notes Platform to the Open Source Community

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Toronto, Canada – September 25, 2014: Open Source Health Inc. (CSE:OSH), a cloud based patient engagement system that puts control in the hands of women to Educate, Advocate and Collaborate on their own healthcare is pleased to announce that it has officially released the open source software called OSTeN to the open source community and is available for download on GitHub.

“We demonstrated OSTeN on the main stage of the Health 2.0 Conference in Santa Clara, CA and it was a hit” states Sonya Satveit, Founder and CEO of Open Source Health Inc. “Telemedicine has been slow to take off due to proprietary and expensive solutions, this will change with the new technology we released today, its simplicity and pervasiveness will make adoption across the entire healthcare industry faster and cheaper”

The system operates as a peer-to-peer video network within the browser on your smart phone or computer. No central servers for security or privacy breaches, no complicated software to download, just the browser already installed on your computer. Either the patient or physician can invite others, such as medical providers, family members, patient advocates or health coaches to the telemedicine session.

In addition to secured video, a collaborative notepad is displayed in the browser and all participants can document and review the session. When the session is over, the notes can be securely downloaded to the provider’s EHR (Electronic Health Record) or the patient’s PHR (Personal Health Record). They can be retrieved for review either through the EHR system or through the OSH Telemedicine system.

Certain ground-breaking components of the OSH platform will be available under an open source license as they are released to the market. The open source software is combined with the OSH proprietary technology to deliver a fully integrated health care system for women’s health to be launched in 2015 for the USA Healthcare market.

OSTeN’s source code is available for download on the following links:

The telemedicine code is in two parts:

About Open Source Health Inc.:

Open Source Health takes a truly patient-centered approach and is in the business of providing a real- time integrative healthcare solution for women in an open source architecture. Open Source Health Inc. is set to lead the current healthcare revolution by leveraging the latest trends in digital health, personalized health, social health and participatory medicine.

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