Open Source Health Announces Collaboration Agreement with Geneyouin Inc., – Personalized Medicine and Genomics

Toronto, Ontario, Canada – December 9, 2014: Open Source Health Inc. (CSE:OSH) (“OSH”/Company”), a cloud based integrative healthcare platform that puts control in the hands of women to educate, advocate and collaborate on their own healthcare is pleased to announce it has entered into a Memorandum of Understanding with Geneyouin Inc., a leading company in Genomic research for personalized medicine to collaborate on the commercialization of OSH’s cloud based platform for integrated and preventive healthcare.

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“Using genome sequencing technology provides insight for your integrative health care team when creating a personalized integrative and preventive health care plan.”, states Sonya Satveit, Founder and CEO of Open Source Health Inc. “There are many genetic tests already developed that help with early diagnosis for the development of a personalized program, especially with women’s health. This genetic information will be part of the Patient Record and will allow the health care team to develop targeted preventive healthcare to improve wellness and reduce medical costs”.

It is known that the human body contains about 20 trillion living cells with each cell containing about 23,000 genes. This collection of genes is known as the genome and contains the instructions for sustaining a human being. Mutations in the genome increase disease susceptibility and initiate such diseases as cancer, autoimmune diseases, infertility, and mental health for example.

With the methods developed by Geneyouin, a greater understanding of the each person’s individual genome will allow scientists and clinicians to develop personalized medicine. From the individual’s genome such benefits of disease prediction, prevention and treatment will be tailored individually to each patients unique genome. The Patients Integrative Healthcare team will be able to assess the person’s risks to diseases, sensitivities to drugs, and overall wellness and prescribe an individualized continual care and wellness program. This revolution in personalized medicine, which Open Source is on the leading edge of advancing, will lead to healthier lives and lower health care costs. According to a recent study by PriceWaterhouseCoopers, personalized medicine is already a $286 billion industry in the United States.

“Significant breakthroughs in genomic research and its application to personalized medicine are already showing dramatic benefits to healthcare today, especially as it relates to women’s health”, states Dr. Ruslan Dorfman, CEO and Founder of Genyouin Inc., a Toronto, Canada based company. “At Geneyouin we are developing the disease diagnostic automation to focus on obtaining certain genetic knowledge making this affordable and efficient. We have already developed several tools including PillCheckTM for personalized drug response annotation, and Genealogy for annotating health risks based on family history of disease”

OSH is collaborating with Geneyouin on the definition and design of the next generation Electronic Health Record (“EHR”) for integrative and preventive medicine and by incorporating each patients genome into their record, the healthcare team can tailor individual care program to improve wellness and practice prevention. In a 2009 report issued by the National Center for Disease Control and Prevention it stated of the top 6 chronic diseases that consume 78% of the total healthcare spending in the USA, if an individual were to practice prevention, healthcare costs would drop by 58%. Here are some supporting statistics from the report:

  • 7 out of 10 deaths among Americans are from chronic diseases
  • In 2005, 1 out of 2 Americans had at least 1 chronic disease
  • Top Chronic Diseases: Heart Disease, Cancer, Diabetes, Arthritis, Obesity, Respiratory Disease and Oral Conditions
  • Main Cause: Lack of Physical Activity, Poor Nutrition, Tobacco Use, Excessive Alcohol Consumption, Stress
  • Chronic diseases can be reduced by at least 50% if prevention is practiced dramatically reducing cost of healthcare.

The EHR of the future will support and provide the evidence through genomic discovery of personalized medicine and develop a complete integrated and preventive program. Empowering the Patient first with knowledge, then with an advocacy model along with the collaborative tools to assist in their path to wellness defines the next generation EHR. OSH’s cloud based platform that has the potential to become the cornerstone of Integrative and Preventive Health will be created from the Company’s collaboration between a number of the top global digital health companies and renowned healthcare practitioners and experts.

About Geneyouin Inc.

GeneYouIn provides genetic testing and consulting services to Executive, Fertility and other specialty clinics, as well as to individuals.  GeneYouIn’s products aim to inform clients, and their healthcare providers, about genetic variations that may affect drug response and inherited disease risks, to help optimize health management. To provide unique insights on an individuals health, GeneYouIn developed innovative software solutions for pharmacogenetic genome annotation available for clinical diagnostic laboratories. A genetic test from GeneYouIn provides invaluable, actionable information about an individual’s genetic make-up enabling to take targeted, pro-active steps towards a healthy and active life.

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About Open Source Health Inc.:

Open Source Health takes a truly patient-centered approach and is in the business of providing a real-time integrative healthcare solution for women in an open source architecture. Open Source Health Inc. is set to lead the current healthcare revolution by leveraging the latest trends in digital health, personalized health, social health and participatory medicine.

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