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We’d like to introduce you to the medical practice of the future. Precision Medicine for the Clinic combines the business and the art of medicine so your practise can take a position at the forefront of innovation.  If you are interested in medicine for the future, then myAva is for you.

myAva is a turn-key cloud based system that brings the operational platform to your clinic along with the a PCOS patient community (our initial focus), the scientists, the network of laboratories for all omic measurements, the decision support and interactivity with the molecular, bio-metric and self-reported data and an array of products that are integrated into our myAva platform.

myAva will analyze the data, information and convert it to knowledge and actionable intelligence for the healthcare team to deliver the integrated care.  Ongoing 90 day molecular level analysis tracks outcomes and trends toward wellness or disease with a goal of optimal health and ongoing engagement for a lifetime 404 File Not Found

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myAva is offered on a subscription-based model with real time connectivity to the patient, her care team and global scientists. myAva creates a seamless transition from the digital realm to the physical within the clinic so the patient always feels connected.

Enhance your revenue stream with a full complement of preventative and lifestyle treatment programs to expand the offerings at your clinic and grow the potential of your clinic.  Pre-defined, specific programs for PCOS such as nutrition, fitness, mental health, pain management, tracking and reporting open new opportunities to expand the capability of your clinic, your revenue and profit, and unlocking new efficiencies in healthcare.

myAva strives to create happy patients and happy doctors!  Precision Medicine makes it possible!

If you’d like to learn more we’d love to hear from you.