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Board of Directors

Gary Bartholomew

Executive Chairman
Venture Capitalist

Gary leads the management team at OSH, with insight, experience and a strong background in building innovative tech companies that expand globally. His former successes as Founder, CEO, and/or Executive Chairman include: SponsorsOne Inc., PinPoint Environmental Inc., TruState Inc., uToogle Inc., xRM Global Inc. (TSXV:XRM), Cervus Financial Group (TSX:CFG), Basis100 (TSX:BAS), iGate Technologies, Design Recovery, Read Attachments Inc. and Buhl Automatic Inc. Mr. Bartholomew also has extensive experience doing advisory work for RBC Financial, IBM, Hewlett Packard, Livingston and International Verifact.

Sonya Satveit

CEO and Founder of Open Source Health
Creator of HormoneSoup.com

Sonyas passionate leadership and her mission to change the way women access, navigate and are treated by the healthcare system are infectious. Her strategic vision for OSH is aligned with the latest innovations and trends in healthcare. Sonya’s experience as a patient advocate and active involvement in the participatory medicine and women’s health movements give her an intrinsic understanding of what todays patients are actively seeking. Her ability to attract and mobilize a global network of experts in every area of healthcare and honing in on what’s important has allowed her to create a movement in women’s health. Sonya’s vision and foresight to create the first Precision Medicine platform, myAva, sets a new standard of care for women’s health.